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small food and beverage brands

Small Food and Beverage Brands We Love

Working in the food industry means we meet a lot of really cool founders and get to try a lot of delicious products. Here are some of the brands and products that we love, many local to Massachusetts too. Don’t forget to shop small this holiday season!

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Wine Lover's Gift Guide

Wine Lover’s Gift Guide

In South Africa, Biltong often accompanies the wine as a delicious snack at vineyards. Brett, our South-African co-founder, a wine lover himself, put together this gift guide for people who share the same passion.

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Man on downhill skis standing on top of a mountain holding Kalahari biltong

Kalahari Captain: Owen Leeper

In our ambassadors’ blog series, we’ll introduce you to the awesome people who taste the adventure every day! Our next trailblazer is Owen, a professional big mountain skier out of Jackson, Wyoming. 

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Guacamole Crisps Dip

Guacamole is a huge people pleaser! Make this guac as a snack to go with your Southwest Verde Crisps, or add it to your next burrito.

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Simple Hummus Crisps Dip

A classic hummus dip is even better when you make it from scratch! Kalahari Crisps are the perfect chip for this dip. Try Original or Rosemary Citrus Crisps to really bring out the Mediterranean flavors.

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