How is Biltong Made?

Five Key Steps to our process

We believe that simple is always better. Not only with our ingredients but also in process. Our Biltong is made using a simple time honored tradition that is made up of 5 key steps.

Our Crisps have a nearly identical process, they are simply roasted in addition to being air-dried to achieve the perfect crunch.

Step 1

Finding the Best Beef

At the heart of our Biltong is American top round beef. We hand slice the best cuts and prepare it for seasoning.

Step 2

Seasoning the Perfect Cuts

We then season the strips in our time-tested blend of vinegar, black pepper, coriander, rosemary, and a dash of sea salt.

If we’re making Peri Peri, Garlic or Chili Lime Biltong we simply add chili pepper, garlic, or chili pepper and lime. 

Step 3

Marinate with Simple Ingredients

The seasoned strips are then carefully placed and allowed to marinate, giving them an extraordinary depth of flavor, which brings out the true quality of the ingredients. 

Step 4

HanG Dry

We then hang the strips in a climate controlled room to air dry. This allows the beef to further develop its flavor and tenderness. Air drying is what makes our Biltong truly unique from other prepared meats – especially jerky. We never apply high heat or dehydrate the meat, keeping the beef’s nutritional integrity intact and avoiding the super chewy texture of jerky.

For our Crisps, we then slow-roast them to achieve the perfect crunch.

Step 5

Slice to Perfection

Last, we hand slice each strip into thin pieces using the traditional South African method of cutting against the grain.  

That’s it! Then the Biltong is ready for your next adventure, or wine and charcuterie board night.