Our Story

AN adventure of a Lifetime

Kalahari Snacks was started after the adventure of a lifetime – where best friends traveled to South Africa to race a total of 175 miles in an Ironman and Ultra Marathon, all within 6 days. Upon arrival, our South African teammate introduced us to his homeland’s unofficial national treasure, Biltong.

After eating close to our body weight in Biltong, we were hooked. Imagine the tenderness and texture of prosciutto, the lean protein of jerky, and the beef flavor of steak tartare. Being in awe of the depth of flavor, we were stunned when we learned about the simple ingredients and natural process of crafting Biltong.

Hello Biltong, Goodbye Jerky!

We knew there was no going back to gnawing on dry, artificial-ingredient-packed jerky. Immediately upon arriving home, we began our mission of bringing a South African tradition of enjoying beef in its unaltered form back to our family, friends, and country. We knew the only way to succeed was to never cut corners, use the highest quality beef, and provide transparency for all our ingredients and processes.

It's Crunch Time

Our newest snack pushes the boundaries of everything we’ve come to expect from traditional chips. With 20g of protein, 0g carbs, and 0g sugar, Kalahari Crisps air-dried beef chips are the perfect snack for mindful munching. Crisps elevate the experience, and can be enjoyed in countless ways — on the trail or after a workout, dipped in guac during your movie night, or as a road trip snack the whole family will love. We’ve stuck to our promise of simple ingredients so you’ll never waste a single bite of life!

Our Founders

The OG Adventurers

Brett Johnston

Founder / COO

Tyler Noyes

Founder / President