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The Best Camping Snacks

Camping is one of the best ways to enjoy the great outdoors, get some fresh air, and spend quality time with your family and friends. And while your equipment may be the most important thing to pack, you can’t forget about the snacks!

Read on to learn more about the best camping snacks to bring along on your next adventure.

What Makes a Good Camping Snack?

Man faces mountains with large backpack, Lime Chili Biltong is visible in the outer pocket

Choosing the right snacks for camping is important. While it can be tempting to grab your favorite sweet and salty treats, it’s best to choose snacks that are:

  • Energizing. Ideally, a camping snack should help keep you full and energized for all your outdoor fun. Look for snacks that include healthy carbs and protein that will serve as a great energy source as you set up camp and go on hikes.
  • Portable. When you’re getting to your campsite, you need snacks that you can easily carry around. This means nothing too heavy, bulky, or that would require refrigeration.
  • Low-waste. No one wants to carry around a crazy amount of wrappers and trash. Try to mitigate your waste while camping by choosing snacks that are packed with the least amount of plastic.
  • Delicious. Camping snacks don’t need to be bland! Make sure you’re bringing snacks you enjoy. Things like variety packs are especially fun for the entire family to try.

Best Biltong Snacks For Camping

Spicy Peri Peri Biltong sits on a log stump with a camping stove and lighter

If you’re on the search for the perfect camping snack that checks off all these boxes and more, look no further than biltong. Biltong is an all-natural process of preserving meat that originated in South Africa. This unique air-dried process is centuries old and ensures that our beef retains its full flavor, tenderness, and nutritional integrity that makes it a delicious and filling camping snack.

These are some of our favorite biltong snacks to bring camping:

  • Sliced Biltong starts as hand-cut strips of the finest American beef. We then marinate each strip in our time-tested blend of vinegar, salt, black pepper, coriander, and rosemary. Our sliced biltong comes in a convenient, resealable bag and packs in 32g Protein, 0g Carb, and 0g Sugar per serving.
  • Resealable Biltong Packs are perfect for some added variety. The deal includes four flavors of our sliced biltong: 2 Original, 1 Spicy Peri Peri, 1 Chili Lime, and 1 Garlic! Try them all with your family and friends to find your favorite.
  • Biltong Adventure Pack gives you everything you need for an outdoor excursion. Not only do you get our sliced biltong variety pack, but you’ll also receive our flavor-packed beef crisps. No outdoor adventure is complete without a Kalahari trucker hat, water bottle, and cooling towel to help keep you energized and hydrated on your journey.

Want to learn more about our variety of biltong snacks? Need more inspiration for on-the-go snacks just in time for summer? Head over to our blog for more information or check out some of our favorite recipes that can help you prepare for your next camping adventure.

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