Kalahari Captain

Owen Leeper

In our ambassadors’ blog series, we’ll introduce you to the awesome people who taste the adventure every day! Our new Kalahari Captain is Owen, a professional big mountain skier out of Jackson, Wyoming. 

Man on downhill skis standing on top of a mountain holding Kalahari biltong

Tell us about yourself

My Name is Owen Leeper, I am a professional big mountain skier out of Jackson, Wyoming. I grew up wanting to jump off everything on skis. I competed in slopestyle and half-pipe in college, and after a few rough winters in Aspen with low snowfall, I moved to Jackson. Living in Jackson, I transitioned more into skiing big lines and hitting cliffs in the backcountry.

What does adventure mean to you?

Adventure to me is exploring a new place with new ideas, whether it’s skiing a different peak, hiking to a new waterfall, or paddleboarding a new river. I love anything outdoors where the final result is exciting and somewhat unknown.

How did you get into skiing, and why did it become your sport of choice? Why is it special to you?

I started skiing when I was four in Aspen, and instantly became my favorite activity. Skiing has enabled me to climb the tallest mountains and ski in the most beautiful places all around the world. A great day with friends on skis tops any other experience out there.

Tell us about an accomplishment or memory you are proudest of within your sport.

One of my favorite moments skiing was the first time I hit a 90 foot cliff on skis. I spent so much time waiting for conditions to be right and preparing for it mentally and physically, it was such a relief once I finally was able to do it!

How does food and nutrition play a role in fueling your adventures?

Being fueled throughout the day is very important. If I am out in the backcountry and low on energy or hungry, I can’t concentrate on skiing my line.

What are you hoping to accomplish this year?

I have a number of lines on my list that I want to ski, so I am hoping the snow lines up perfectly so I can hit a few of them before the season ends.

How do you mentor/educate/inspire those who are looking to ski at the next level?

Through my Instagram I answer questions to all my followers about how they can learn new tricks or overcome their fears. Lots of people say that just watching my videos online motivates them to go out and ski harder.

What is your favorite Kalahari product and why?

My favorite Kalahari product is the Biltong, it’s easy to toss in my bag, won’t get crushed and is super delicious, even when it’s cold, plus it has tons of protein.

This or That: Adventure Edition

Kayaking or Hiking

Mountains or Beach

Biltong or Crisps

Winter or Summer

Camping or Glamping

Surfing or Paddle Boarding

Cycling or Running

Night Owl or Early Riser

Beer or Wine

Explore Alone or Adventure Buddy 

Cardio or Strength Training

You can follow Owen on Instagram @o_leeps

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