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All About Kalahari Biltong Slabs

There are so many ways to enjoy beef biltong, but one of our favorites is the biltong slab. Our Biltong Slab stays true to the centuries-old South African craft of air-dried beef biltong while packing in all the flavor you expect from Kalahari.

Read on to learn all about our biltong slabs along with some inspiration for how to make this tender, flavorful piece of meat shine.

What Are Biltong Slabs?

Biltong slab being sliced with a large knife

You can taste adventure in every bite of our uncut Biltong Slabs. Unlike beef sticks or our crisps, our Biltong Slabs are air-dried when they’re uncut, which ensures that every slice you take off the slab (no matter how you cut it) is tender and packed full of flavor.

And speaking of flavor, it’s amazing how savory our beef biltong slabs are while only being made with 6 simple, all-natural ingredients:

  • Beef
  • Salt
  • Pepper
  • Vinegar
  • Coriander
  • Rosemary

Our 8oz Original Biltong Slab contains 0g of sugar and 32 grams of protein per serving! The uncut slab is perfect for all-day grazing, sharing, or being the star in some of our favorite biltong recipes.

How to Use Beef Biltong Slab

Biltong slab with slices on a charcuterie board with grapes, hummus, cucumbers, crackers

Our beef biltong slab is more than just a great (and not to mention long-lasting) keto-friendly snack. Here are some of the best ways to enjoy our original beef biltong slab:

  • Our biltong slab not only tastes great, but it also has eye appeal! The uncut slab makes a great charcuterie centerpiece and adds more savory elements to your board. The tender meat and spices pair well with cheese, jam, and fruits you’d find on your typical charcuterie board.
  • A new (and healthier) take on the BLT replaces greasy bacon with slices of tender beef biltong. Biltong is an excellent substitute for bacon since it has more protein, way less unhealthy fat, and no sugar whatsoever. You can whip this sandwich up in only a few minutes in three easy steps!
  • Salads don’t have to be boring! Take slices from our beef biltong when you need them for a savory topping for your salad. Putting biltong in your salads also adds some much-needed protein to the greens for a more well-balanced bite.
  • Pizza is the ultimate comfort food that can be made a little healthier with the addition of beef biltong. This recipe for biltong pizza pairs different flavors with our biltong slabs to create a pizza that will appeal to your taste buds. Or you can get creative and make your own creation!

Of course, these are just a handful of the ways to enjoy Kalahari Biltong Slabs. There’s also nothing wrong with simply snacking on tender pieces right off the slab when the craving strikes!

Want to learn more about how our savory beef biltong slabs are made? Need more inspiration for keto-friendly snacks that utilize beef biltong in the new year? Head over to our blog for more inspiration or check out more of our favorite recipes that utilize our crips, slabs, and biltong bites.

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