Kalahari Snacks Recipe Series:

Biltong Beer Pairings

Kalahari Biltong makes the perfect beer snack! But the rise of the microbrew and the wide varieties of brews they produce may have you wondering what flavor biltong is best for your brew? New England IPA’s, porters, stouts, IPA’s, and even sours, biltong can be the perfect snack for all your craft brew tours.

Have no fear! After many perilous hours of study, we’ve got an easy cheat sheet for you.

A Quick Cheat Sheet

Saison: Go Chili Lime. Spicy and peppery notes will enhance the flavors.

New England IPA: Go Spicy Peri-Peri. Add a little kick to the juice.

Porter & Stouts: Go Original. Let’s face it, those flavors are smooth.

Hefeweizen, Wheat, & Pale: Go Garlic. Sounds strange but trust us.

A Few of Our Favorites

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