Kalahari Trailblazers

Timothy Olson

In our new ambassadors’ blog series, we’ll introduce you to the awesome people who taste the adventure every day! Timothy Olson is an ultrarunner attempting to set a Fastest Known Time (FKT) on the Pacific Crest Trail. He began his ultrarunning career a decade ago. Follow him on the trail with Outside Magazine. Check back soon to learn more about Timothy when he returns from his impressive journey! 

Timothy Olson

Tell us about yourself

What does adventure mean to you?

What is your favorite outdoor activity and what makes it special to you?

Tell us about a memory or accomplishment from your adventures that you are proud of.

How does food and nutrition play a role in fueling your adventures?


Do you have any intentions or goals this year? What are you hoping to accomplish?

This or That: Adventure Edition

Kayaking or Hiking

Skiing or Snowboarding

Mountains or Beach

Biltong or Crisps

Winter or Summer

Camping or Glamping

Surfing or Paddle Boarding

Cycling or Running

Beer or Wine

Explore Alone or Adventure Buddy 

Cardio or Strength Training

You can follow Timothy on Instagram @timothyallenolson

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