8oz Biltong Slab

$19.99 + Free Shipping

True to the centuries old South African craft, our uncut 8oz Biltong Slabs are air dried and made with only 6 simple ingredients: beef, salt, pepper, vinegar, coriander, and rosemary. 

The air drying process ensures that every slice off the slab – no matter how you cut it – is tender and full of flavor. Ordinary is unthinkable.

160 Calories, 32g Protein, 0g Carbs, and 0g Sugar per 2 ounces. Made in the USA!

Growing up in South Africa, one of my family traditions was going to the local butchery to buy biltong on Saturday mornings. Hundreds of uncut biltong slabs would be hanging from the ceiling, and every slab had a unique thickness, spice blend, and leanness.

We chose slabs that fit our taste preference -- I looked for thicker slabs with a good fat content, which always delivered the perfect balance of tenderness and flavor when sliced thin.

I’m excited to bring biltong slabs to America and give you the opportunity to customize your biltong experience the way I always could in South Africa.


Got Some Slab Questions?

Slice up the slab and store any uneaten pieces in an airtight tupperware container.

On a cutting board, carefully slice off thin strips with a sharp knife.

Our Original Slab is just the unsliced version of our Original Biltong! No matter how you cut it, our per-serving nutritionals won’t change.

Our slab is best eaten within 3 days of opening to retain optimal texture and flavor.

The ingredients are the same as our Original Sliced Biltong: Beef, Vinegar, Salt, Coriander, Rosemary, Black Pepper.

No matter how you cut it,
won't change our per serving call-outs!