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2020 year in review

We’re as glad as anyone that 2020 is over, but luckily it wasn’t all bad. We’re thankful for all of you who kept this small business afloat.
For some more stuff that didn’t suck, check out our year in review!

Biltong was named one of the top food trends of 2020.

introducing Kalahari Crisps, air dried beef chips

Launched our first new product line, Crisps!

Biltong and Crisps started selling in Sprouts Farmers Market nationwide

health care worker with a bag of lime chili biltong

Donated 2,000 ounces of Biltong to health care workers in Boston, thanks to your matched purchases.

Crisps launched in Wegmans

how it started with old bag image, how it's going with new bag images

We celebrated our 5-year anniversary as a company!

We’re on the shelves at our favorite outdoor retailer, REI!

Brett and Tyler in Acadia

Tyler and Brett talked on the NexxtLevel Brands podcast about founding Kalahari Snacks, and how it involved lots of wine 🍷

New York Magazine’s, The Strategist included us in their gift guide for outdoorsy types.

Crisps were named one of 2020's Snacks of the Year by Men's Health magazine. We were just honored to be on the same pages as Lenny Kravitz's abs.

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